New bespoke Intervention Wheel supports secondary schools

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Create have been working with three secondary schools to design a bespoke Intervention Wheel which will be used as tool to motivate and empower Key Stage 3 learners.

The aim of the project is to support pupils to develop their skills so they are able to help, support and be role models for learning. The project uses Create’s three central philosophies of:

  •  Providing quality personalised opportunities
  •  Creating clear, shared learning journeys
  •  Shifting responsibility towards the learner

King’s Oak Academy is one of the secondary schools involved and Create are working with them to raise the achievement of six Year 8 pupils. The programme includes:

  • using physical activity as a vehicle to improve personal and social learning and leadership skills
  • positive intervention to support pupils to become leaders and role models for learning and to help others
  • supporting pupils who are aiming to lead their own transition club for Year 7 pupils to improve their confidence and personal/social learning skills
  • using the Create Development Wheel (CD Wheel) to track, evidence and celebrate the development of their skills
  • assessing other pupils and supporting them in their learning via the Create Development Wheel

Support is also provided for staff and the training of pupils.  The Intervention Wheel will be a fantastic tool to support the pupils in each of their learning journeys allowing them to celebrate success at every stage.

Teachers are already seeing noticeable improvements in the achievement and behaviour of these pupils. One pupil said: If we can do it here we can do it anywhere!” as they referred to the personal and social skills they demonstrated in one of their sessions.

Contact us to find out how we can create a bespoke CD Wheel to support you and your organisation.

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