What people say

The CD Wheel can be used in many ways from evidencing impact, an online learning platform, monitoring teacher professional standards, to a performance management tool in HR. It really does accelerate learning in every organisation, but just don’t take our word for it. Here are words from some of the people we are working with:


“The best aspects are the logical approach;
the coverage is clear so you know everything is there that needs to be done and also the ability to save evidence and view how the Wheel has progressed over time. A great way to see the subject moving forward through leadership. It will allow us to see exactly how our money (PE and sport premium) is being spent and to understand the impact it is having across the different areas we need to cover.”

Sam Bacon, Assistant Headteacher, St Andrew’s C of E Primary School, Horsham
(re: PE, Sport and Health Wheel)


For us, this form of assessment is not only the most advanced way we have discovered so far but it is also far and away the best.
The very nature of sports coaching is a visual and interactive arena and so for us to be able to define expectations, targets and achievements through a medium such as this, makes for a more accurate, engaged and reflective report for our coaches.”

Gary Laybourne, Project Manager for Coach Core, The Royal Foundation


“You could tell right away that the people who work for Create Development really have a passion for what they do.
This is reflected in the quality of services you have delivered. The leadership wheel has been received by students and teachers positively, with teachers seeing the potential of the wheel being used in many different aspects of the curriculum.”

Karen Winch, Active Young People Department, Senior Officer, Bridgend Borough Council


“As a 1:1 iPad school the new FUNS wheel is a fantastic tool which will allow our students to easily view the next challenge and practise at any time – break, lunch and weekends.
The ability to upload videos of each stage provides us with quality assessment evidence.”

Stephen Munnery, Physical Education, The International School @ ParkCity, Kuala Lumpur


“We were looking at ways of empowering pupils to drive their own learning in Physical Education.
The CD Wheel aligned with the Raising the Bar resource have already impacted on pupils feeling more successful in PE without the previous “peaks and troughs” of assessment focused on ability in a particular sport.  Our curriculum remains sport driven but the shift in our assessment focus has meant pupils are fully aware of their current strengths and exactly what they need to do to improve.”

Dan Tree, Head of PE & Sport, Park House School & Sports College


“It is fantastic to work with an assessment model that pupils and staff understand!
Pupils setting targets and taking an interest in their own development is central to our philosophy and we are confident that the CD Wheel will help us engage pupils in this process.”

Danny Gower, Head of PE, Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School


“The Create Development Assessment Wheel has enabled us to monitor and focus on the development of the children here at Marish Primary School.
I feel it is a great tool for the children to self assess their own learning journey and allows the teachers to identify their learning needs quicker and easier which helps the overall focus of the development of the “whole child” supported by our outstanding PE curriculum.”

Jason Elwell, Director Of Sport and Community, Marish Primary School Trust


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