Teacher Professional Standards Wheel

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The Teacher Professional Standards Wheel is a profiling/appraisal tool to support both you and your school. It is simple, effective, saves time and gets to the heart of teacher professional practice and development. It has been developed with serving headteachers to enable teachers to quickly identify and evidence areas of strength and aspects for development against the newly revised teacher standards. From these, line managers and school leaders can easily create departmental and staff profiles and in doing so underpin school improvement planning.

This online profiling/appraisal tool therefore allows schools to better manage performance, accelerate the development of teachers and support pay reviews for staff. It tracks and monitors everything in one place allowing all related documents and evidence to be saved on the Wheel.

Here are five reasons why The Teacher Professional Standards Wheel is currently being used in schools:
1.Teacher standards have been captured as a continuum allowing teachers to demonstrate the extent to which they meet or exceed them. It also helps identify specific support needed for staff
2.Teachers take individual and personal responsibility for reviewing performance against the standards and providing the evidence (in both word and multi-media documents)
3.Whole school staff profiles enable senior leaders to identify common themes across the institution and if required across a series of schools
4.Pay decisions are therefore evidence based and transparent – clear and objective application of pay progression criteria is captured
5.The wheel will generate reports for governing bodies and Ofsted which demonstrate how pay progression is applied fairly and transparently

We have received excellent feedback from schools nationwide and we are confident that this tool will transform the way in which you approach performance and will positively influence learning outcomes.

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