Introducing the Early Years Foundation Stage Wheel (EYFS Wheel)

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We’re proud to announce the EYFS Wheel! Co-written and designed by Early Years Practitioners the EYFS Wheel provides an online, real time log of children’s progression, which demonstrates where they actually are with reference to the EYFS on a daily basis.

The EYFS Wheel:

  • Saves valuable time through it’s simplicity and speed
  • Makes learning visible
  • Extends children’s learning
  • Is an evidence based, real time document that charts a child’s progress
  • Facilitates and compliments planning
  • Turns ‘Development Matters’ into an interactive and working document
  • Prepares the setting to be Ofsted ready
  • Raises the standard of childcare provision
  • Increases communication with parents
  • Turns childcare into family care
“Since introducing the EYFS Wheel into our setting it has improved our awareness and knowledge of each child’s individual learning paths. We can now say that we see each child more clearly.”
Charlotte Lucas, Co-owner and Founder, Welton Free Rangers, Forest Nursery School

EYFS Wheel: know and celebrate each child for who they are, through their play.

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