Exciting times ahead with the RFL

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Create Development and the RFL have joined forces to put together an fantastic Coach Development Wheel that meets the requirements of the clubs to profile as a means of monitoring performance, charting progression and providing a meaningful dialogue between coach and athlete. The RFL had this to say:

“We scoured the market for the most user friendly profiling tool for our coaches and having done that we felt the Create Development Wheel met our requirement the best. The key to the wheel is its simplicity which opens the tool up to the widest possible audience, regardless of IT proficiency. It brings coaches and teachers onto the same page as the players and is a critical component of our Performance Plan. The support we receive from the Create staff is second to none.

Create Development are excellent partners of the Rugby Football League and we look forward to strengthening this in the coming years.”

Tony Fretwell, National Player Development ManagerRFL Logo

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