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It has been a big year for the CD Wheel and we are delighted to announce a number of new, progressive developments launching on Friday, 12th December. These fantastic new features will support teachers, coaches and staff in end of term reports, ongoing assessments and reports, and also assist in achieving 2015 targets.

The new developments to discover on the CD Wheel are explained below.

Important note to CD Wheel users: To deploy these features we will need to update your platform over the weekend. This will commence at 3.30pm on Friday12th December. For minimum disruption, please be advised that there may be limited access to the CD Wheel during this time. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause, and are sure that you will see the benefits of the end result. Don’t forget to inform your staff and users of the exciting changes they’ll be able to access.

As always, our passion lies with making the tool accessible to you, and therefore your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. Please feel welcome to call or email Katie Robinson on 020 8863 0304 or at kr@createdevelopment.co.uk with any comments or questions about the new features.

Print All
To save you even more time you can now print a whole class, team or group in one go.

Average Line
An ‘Average Line’ has now been added to the graph to demonstrate where the group sits as a whole, giving you visible indicators on learner development.

Level Indicator Line
On request, a band can be placed around the CD Wheel to separate a class or group to indicate when a student or individual is going onto the ‘Age Band’ or ‘Development Level’. For an example, see the image of our new Maths Wheel.

Partial Scoring
0.5 score will now represent a ‘partial’ assessment on the CD Wheel.

Delete Group Assessment
As well as being able to add a Group Assessment, you can now also ‘Delete a Group Assessment’ which will save you time and add to the simplicity of the CD Wheel.


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