CD Wheel range

As an ‘off the shelf solution’ the Create Development Wheel provides Assessment for Learning (AfL) for new and existing programmes.

It has been used to create various products and solutions including:

  • PE and Sport Premium and Health Wheel – Click here to find out more
  • Learning Nutrition Wheel
  • real PE Wheel
  • Thinking Schools Wheel – NEW! Click here for more info 

Other Wheels include:

  • Teacher Professional Standards Wheel. Click here for more info
  • Subject specific progress Wheels
  • Physical Education progress Wheel
  • FUNS for everyone progress Wheel
  • Personal Learning and Thinking Skills progress Wheel
  • Special Schools progress Wheel
  • Coach Development progress Wheel
  • Leadership into Coaching progress Wheel
  • EYFS Wheel. Click here for more info
  • real play Wheel
  • Intervention Wheel
  • EY Practitioner Wheel

As a ‘bespoke solution’ built around schools’ and organisations’ own criteria and competencies, it can demystify learning or development journeys and give all parties concerned access to and ownership of progress. Contact us to find out how we can create a bespoke CD Wheel to suit your requirements.

To get more information on any of the Create Development Wheels, please click here or on the image below to view a pdf of the Create Development Wheel Features within your browser.

To save a copy of the pdf to your desktop, place your cursor at the foot of the opening page and click the save  icon (floppy disk).

User Guides
All of our current User Guides plus FAQs pdfs are available to download below:
Tutor User Guide
Individual User Guide
real PE User Guide
real PE Individual User Guide